Rachel Brice's site has information on her 8 Elements teaching method 

Show Stereognosis some love by checking out his sicknasty trax

NagaSita is based in Portland, OR

Elise Morris is a tribal fusion dancer who also produces Jamballah NW

Michelle Manx was inspired by vintage glamour to create Pinup Girl Bellydance 

Culture Shakti is the studio home page for Katrina Ji, who has both an American Tribal Style and a Bollywood dance troupe

Cues & Tattoos festival in Seattle celebrates tribal and fusion styles

dark fusion dancer

These are some of my roots and connections.


The Babylonian Ensemble produces the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival every summer in West Seattle  

Grandmother’s Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Bellydance, by Rosina-Fawzia B. Al-Rawi, is a great book written by a woman who grew up in the Middle East 

Kook Teflon often photographs bellydancers

Somni and Medea are creative Seattle fusion performers

Deidra Anaid is a California-based dancer

Xtina of Scarlet Foundry Tarot can read your cards, and dancer Magi has created her own Tarot of the Pomegranate deck

Visit NW Rockhounds for all your jewelry design and repair needs

Dancer Tiphany Starr is dark and sparkly


Photo by Drumroll Studios